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Tax & VAT

Pay less tax


Whether you are a limited company or a sole trader, Purple Accounts can help you minimise your tax payments and relieve you of any administrative burden of complying with tax legislation and keeping the tax man happy!


We will deal with all business tax matters, including preparing tax computations and preparing and submitting your tax returns online. Should you wish to appoint us as your tax agent, no problem! We can look after all correspondence with the tax authorities directly on your behalf.

You need to comply with reporting obligations and any resulting investigations with tax authorities. Failure to do so could result in penalties for non-compliance.


  • Pay less tax

  • Optimise your tax situation

  • Understand tax efficient planning for the short, medium and long-term

  • You are assured of meeting important deadlines

  • You are compliant with tax authorities

  • Save you money!




If you sign up for one of our packages, there’s no panic at the last minute when your VAT return is due for filing. VAT can be a complex area and missed deadlines can prove costly in fines. It makes sense to let us take care of your VAT and it only costs a few pounds per month.

If you are VAT registered , Purple Accounts can:

  • Advise you on the best scheme for your business and circumstances and review regularly

  • Act as your agent when dealing with the authorities

  • Ensure you comply with current legislation

  • Submit your quarterly returns

  • Provide reassurance that a qualified professional is taking care of these matters for you


VAT is a complex area, get it wrong and the consequences could be serious. We will ensure that you comply with legislation and help you to submit your VAT returns each quarter. You must register for VAT on reaching the registration threshold, we can help you by completing the appropriate forms on your behalf.

Your accountant can also assess whether registration prior to reaching the registration threshold will benefit your company.


Furthermore, we can provide any advice you require in relation to VAT and assess the most appropriate scheme for your business to maintain the best possible cashflow for you. Ultimately, this may save you money! It’s always worth a call, it doesn’t cost you anything but could save you pounds!

Company Income Tax

If you take advantage of one of our value for money packages, consider it job done! Your monthly fee includes all year end activities, so you have total peace of mind.

Personal Tax Return

Ensure your personal tax return is submitted on time and not left to the last minute. Never worry about the tax deadline again and leave it to us for a small monthly fee to remember the deadline for you and take of submitting it on your behalf.

We’ll take care of your tax, while you take care of your business


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