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business funding for small businesses

Business funding

Business funding, grants and loans

Access the right funding at the right time for your business.

You’re a time-starved business owner with limited understanding of your options when it comes to funding. Purple Accounts takes the hassle out of finding funds to grow your business, with tailored options across loans, equity finance and grants.

Purple Accounts in Warrington has partnered with Swoop - helping SME's discover the right finance partners to add value to your business. Expert help to make it easy and quick for you to access funding, grants and loans. We’ll also help you save on your business costs like energy, banking and more.

How we can help you:

  • Asset finance: fund any asset, from telephones to forklift trucks

  • Invoice finance: if you invoice other businesses, use your invoices to get funding

  • VAT loan: Doesn't affect your credit score and frees up cash

  • Instant VAT refund: Don't get stuck in HMRC queues

  • Merchant Cash Advance: use your credit card transactions to get funding

  • Trade finance: pay for goods based on an order using trade finance

  • Working capital: get a working capital loan to finance every day operations

  • Property finance: perfect for landlords and developers to access bridging loans, development, BTL and commercial finance.

We also provide a Cost Reduction Service to help you save money and make more profit. No saving - no fee!


With our expert help, you’ll get access to the right finance at the right time to do better in business.

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business funding, grants and loans by Swoop at Purple Accounts
business funding, grants and loans from Swoop with Purple Accounts

Finding and applying for funding, grants and loans is straightforward and hassle free.

Business loans

Which loan is right for you? We sift through offers from mainstream banks as well as alternative lenders to find the right solution for your business.

Equity financing

Get connected with business angels, venture capital investors and crowdfunding investors.  Find equity investors via government initiatives.

business funding, grants and loans with Swoop and Purple Accounts

Business grants

Cut the time and headaches you’d spend wandering the maze of grants. We’ll find the most relevant grant funding and help you to apply.

Save on business expenses

Ever felt like you’re paying too much for your business bank account, credit card, or energy bills? We’ll help you find some of the best deals on the market.

Support for small businesses

Business funding, grants and loans with Purple Accounts and Swoop

 Let us help you with business funding, grants and loans so you can get on with growing your business.  

Business funding, grants and loans with Purple Accounts and Swoop

For more information about how we can support your business with funding, grants and loans, call us on 01925 979500 or email us at

Simplicity and Security

Benefit from smart matching technology from Swoop combined with your expert accountant at Purple Accounts.

  • Trusted. Swoop is a chosen partner to all major banks in UK and Ireland. Swoop is also found on the business banking pages of the top nine UK banks.

  • Bank-grade security. Your important personal and business information is encrypted and protected with the same industry leading technologies that are used by banks.

  • Protected. Swoop use measures like double-factor authentication designed to protect access to your account and personal information.

  • Top marks. By order of the Competition and Markets Authority Swoop helps businesses like yours find the best funding and savings solutions with the help of their trusted accountant.

  • Swoop is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Services Provider (reference number 833145).

business funding, loans and grants at Purple Accounts by Swoop

For more information about how we can support your business with funding, grants and loans, call us on 01925 979500 or email us at

Business funding in Warrington


Got a question about business funding, loans and grants? 

See how Purple Accounts can help you with a friendly chat with an expert 

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