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We are Gold! So why does that matter to you?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Purple Accounts Warrington is a Xero Gold Champion Partner.

Xero Gold Champion Purple Accounts Warrington

Being a Xero Gold Champion Partner is testament to our commitment to small businesses in Warrington and across the UK. Helping them take control of the finances and grow their business. But you may be what? How does that impact me and my business?

Purple Accounts was an early adopter of online accountancy back in 2007. In fact, the very first in the Isle of Man - our first branch. We work exclusively with Xero and are now so proud to be Xero Gold Partners, having risen through the ranks of cloud accountancy geekdom.

When you are in the market for an accountant it can be hard to know which accolades really matter and which are just a bit of vanity or a piece of paper. We believe our Gold Champion status is an integral and important reason why you would want to work with us and trust us with your business finances.

We specialise in helping small businesses and know that Xero is absolutely the right fit for our customers and for us.

Gold – Our Mindset Purple Accounts lives and breathes XERO!

To become Xero Gold Partners, we had to prove in-depth knowledge of Xero - upside down and inside out. Not only did we use Xero, but we had to show how we could help our clients grow effectively and efficiently.

We have dedicated significant time to ensure we know every possible way that Xero can assist you and get the best value from the platform and save on your ultimate precious resource – time. By utilising Xero’s wonderful cloud accounting system, you’ll spend less time fishing around for figures and make technology really work for your business.

Why Xero? Now you understand the level of our knowledge of Xero, the next question is why do you want to use it? Our customers love the ease in which it deals with multi-currency transactions, how it integrates with their bank account, send invoices instantly and keeps track of everything. If you are selling products throughout the EU via Amazon, or a similar sellers hub, then Xero will streamline your processes and save you money. Xero is one of the most user-friendly accounting software options out there. Whether you’re a small business or considerably larger, you’ll find the comprehensive layout requires no previous accounting knowledge, making it accessible for everyone.

Xero is completely web-based - so you’ll also be keeping your office paperless and doing your bit for the environment. It's accessible almost anywhere 24/7 with an internet connection.

Your Power Partners The real power of Xero is realised when your accountant adds value and advice, to help make your business slicker and more successful.

If you’re unsure on something you can always just ask and we'll show you the ropes as part of our onboarding process. We’re happy to share our expertise whenever you need us. We’ll show you how to utilise templates - a great time-saving tool, adjust manual currency rates, help manage your cashflow and plan for the future.

If you are currently using Quickbooks, Sage, another accounting software, or even an Excel spreadsheet, we can get you up to speed and running with Xero as quickly as possible. Once we’ve completed the move, we’ll help you get to grips with your new system.

We have put countless customers onto Xero with brilliant results. If you want to discuss moving your business to Xero with Purple Accounts or fancy a free trial, please get in touch.

The best time to start is right now - You’ll never look back and wonder how you did without it!


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