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7 Key Numbers to help you do better in business

Purple Accounts is committed to your success as a fellow small business owner.  We're not just bean counters reporting on history - we're expert small business consultants and coaches helping you do better in business. 

Our approach is based on a more passionate, proactive and personable way of helping you and your business. You'll gain an understanding of the impact of your numbers and how to make them better, by knowing not only what’s possible, but how to make it happen! 

Through our partnership with Clarity, this all starts with your 7 Key Numbers Report. Included for business owners on a monthly package.*


This essential starting point report helps you understand your numbers and where you are right now.  From there, you can choose one of our bolt on growth packages to develop step-by-step action and business development plans to build a better business.  As we are also certified advisors with Capitalise, you can even access the funding and investment you need to grow profitably.

By focusing on our value as your trusted advisor and by understanding your business, we can help make sure your business thrives sustainably and profitably. 

*rolling out during 2022

Absolutely top class service, fixed fees agreed in advance which means no hidden extras. Really friendly helpful guys that understand small business and go the extra mile to help and advise.
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Tackling the biggest challenges of small businesses

We see the 7 biggest challenges of small businesses as:

  • Information overload and difficult to get the insights that matter

  • Problems understanding the accounts/numbers

  • Cashflow is a constant battle, as is access to the right funding at the right price

  • Unreliable financial insights

  • Failing to break down the big goals into manageable steps

  • No clear planning and 'willy nilly' marketing

  • Lack of expert support 

This proactive and highly engaging 1-2-1 service will help you understand the impact of your numbers and how to make them better, by knowing not only what’s possible for your business, but how to make it happen! 


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7 Key numbers to help business owners do better

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