Accountancy for growth.  Are you serious about growth?

The Purple Accounts VirtualFD initiative gives you all the benefits of having a very real Financial Director on your side, without exposing yourself to the complications, risks, expense and drawbacks of actually employing one.  It's perfect for businesses who are serious about growth.


Why a Virtual FD not employee FD?

More often than not, recruiting and retaining a Financial Director is no simple task - in fact it could have adverse consequences for your bottom line, for 3 simple reasons:



Quality control

Consistency and Continuity


It is highly unlikely you need a full time FD and even if you did, what would you do if they are on holiday or off sick? How would the quality and consistency of your business be upheld? This is why the virtual FD concept is so well suited to growing businesses without the prohibitive costs and pitfalls.


How does it work? 

Company owners and managing directors find their working day is transformed when responsibility for their business' financial management is no longer theirs. Heads are cleared to help focus on building the business and create strategic direction.


Purple Accounts virtual FD service will provide you with all the skills and expertise that you would gain if you had recruited a Finance Director yourself. We will essentially become an integral part of your team, committed to your financial well-being and commercial success. On a day to day basis, this frees you up to focus on your business while we take care of the nitty-gritty.


We work exclusively with a small number of clients at any one time. This will ensure that you receive a quality service on a consistent basis.


The practical benefits that Virtual FD will provide;

-          Budgeting and forecasting

-          Real-time performance monitoring

-          Management Accounts and KPI reporting

-          Rolling cashflow forecasts

-          Attendance at monthly management meetings

-          Support and/or training of your accounts team

-          Assistance with recruiting your accounts team

-          Ensure the smooth running of your finance department

-          Set up and develop your accounting systems to deliver accurate and

           reliable data.

-          Help secure finance for the business

-          Direct communication with your bank manager ensuring reliable       

           accurate information is provided in a timely manner


What are the advantages for my business?


  • Company owners and managing directors find their working day is changed dramatically when responsibility for their business' financial management has been handed over. 

  • A fresh perspective offers new opportunities, time saving and money saving strategies for your business.  Working with us at such aan involved level means you'll really get the most from our expertise, hands on expertise and ability to inspire confidence.

  • With such an effective and efficient team at your disposal, gone are the stresses and concerns that come from having had to manage this function of your business.


Will it suit me?

Our VirtualFD service is designed around the unique needs of our individual clients and is suitable for a wide range of businesses.


Typically, VirtualFD is used by forward-thinking organisations that have reached the point where the expertise of a Financial Director is the only way to protect its financial interests and guarantee its sustained growth.


To speak with us about the possibility of working together to grow your business successfully, please get in touch for a no obligation chat with David Parker.


All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.



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