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Purple Accounts Start Up Academy 

Start your business with confidence with our FREE online Start Up Course.

More and more individuals are taking the leap and starting their own business - especially right now.  Be it a hobby business or full on enterprise, the opportunity to start your own venture is there for the taking. 

The reality is that unfortunately, the majority of small businesses fail in the first year. This is largely due to not having the right support, tools and expertise from the start. We firmly believe that every business  owner should have access to these resources - that's why we created this free online course to get you started sooner and with confidence. 


The Start Up Academy course has been created by our expert team of finance and marketing professionals at Purple Accounts. We are small business owners too and have helped hundreds of businesses before you to achieve their goals and nurture their passion. 

The aim of this course is to condense all the waffle and provide a simple, informative, useful and actionable guide you can refer back to. Best of all it's online so it fits with your life and other commitments. 

Ready to get started?

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What You'll Learn:

  • Learn if setting up a business is right for you and if your idea is viable

  • Learn how to identify your target customers and your USP

  • Learn all about setting up, funding, insurance, IP and staffing

  • Learn how to promote your business and get started with your website

  • Learn about forecasting and cashflow

  • Learn how to create your business plan

Start your business with confidence and the skills you need to get going!

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Increase your 

chances of success with all the tools you need right from the start.




FREE Business Start Up Course