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How to send your documents to us

Paperwork can be a nightmare for a small business owner. Pass it all to us and never worry about your paper piles again!

Purple Accounts makes life as easy as possible for small business owners - we're a small business too, so understand that your time is best spent on maximising your income.


We offer a monthly bookkeeping service so you are totally in tune with your business finances - essential to help you with forward planning, cashflow and decision making.  Save money with one of our fixed fee packages and let us take care of the nitty gritty while you get on with running your business. In addition, when it comes to your year end accounts, we already know your business finances inside out.


Easy peasy!


We will need your:

Sales invoices

Purchase invoices


Bank statements


These can be passed to us in the following ways:

CLICK             - Scan and dropbox or scan send via XERO

CALL IN         - Have all your documents in a folder ready for us to work on.



For those who do not already use dropbox, click here to get a free account or click here to find out more.

Not already a XERO user? Get a free trial of XERO for total control of your business finances 24/7 here


Got a question? No problem. Get in touch or use our live chat.



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