Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As business owners we have a tendency to try to do everything. This works to a degree in the short term but then the bigger picture begins to unfold.

We find ourselves working IN the business rather than ON it. Cracks will almost certainly appear and our stress levels rocket.

Given the current situation with many businesses having to place staff on furlough leave, we end up back in the position we spent many months trying to get out of.

Outsourcing key functions can serve you extremely well right now.

Using our own business as an example, our workloads suddenly increased as a result of the Government initiatives to support small businesses.

We still had all the usual paperwork coming in, vat returns to file and payrolls to run, but loads of calls and emails with our customers regarding the grants and Government backed loans.

As the business owner, l knew l was reaching the point where l wouldn’t be able to deal with the bigger picture properly and rationally. Yet it was vital I support customers with these very important queries in times of need.

So l called upon the services of The Office Genie who support our business with vital communications - taking calls, passing messages from clients to me to arrange to call them back.

We were back in control of our workflows, getting the job done and more importantly, supporting our customers with their businesses.

Slick communication is vital in any business and because we were able to manage our calls efficiently and professionally, we even took on new business. We might have lost that business had we not picked up the phone and been there to help and offer guidance and practical, hands on assistance to businesses in need.

It is essential to choose the right service provider for your business and make sure they are the right fit. Getting the wrong provider can have an adverse impact on your business.

The Office Genie https://www.theofficegenie.co.uk/ has my total personal recommendation. Office Genie have supported our business to very good effect for 2 years and l couldn’t thank them enough.

By the way, if you do decide to contact them, please make sure you mention Purple Accounts to get the best rate possible.

Other areas you can easily outsource are payroll, bookkeeping, accounts, tax (all of which we can help you with - shameless plug intended) plus admin, training, HR, marketing, virtual PA etc..

This leaves you to focus on your business and not be a slave to working in it. Your customers will thank you for it and you will free up time for new business and keeping existing customers happy.

The message is clear, don't try to do everything yourself. As business owners we must be ready and able to support our clients and our staff.

As a result of selectively hiring trusted outsourcing providers, we are well positioned to continue growing our business.

NOW is the perfect time to review your business processes and your key partners.

Wishing you the very best success and do get in touch if you need expert help with your small business.


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