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Unlocking Instant VAT Refunds: A Lifeline for UK VAT-Registered Businesses

Don't get stuck in HMRC queues! As a UK VAT-registered business owner, you know that managing your finances and navigating the intricacies of the Value Added Tax (VAT) system can sometimes feel like a never-ending puzzle. However, there's an innovative solution that can be a game-changer for your business – Instant VAT Refunds.

VAT refunds for UK VAT registered business by Purple Accounts

What's the difference between a 'normal' VAT refund and an 'instant' VAT refund?

Normal refunds come from HMRC and will arrive in your bank account anywhere between 5 and 30 days from submitting the VAT return.

Here's how this service works and why it's a lifeline for businesses just like yours:

Instant VAT Refunds:

Every time you submit a VAT refund, you can receive your VAT refund instantly and automatically. No more waiting, no more delays.

To get started, all you need to do is contact Purple Accounts and we will get this sorted with you.

If you're a UK VAT-registered business, you're eligible to take advantage of this service.

How do you qualify?

To qualify for this instant VAT refund service, you must be a UK business, have received at least two VAT refunds from HMRC and have no outstanding returns with HMRC. If you meet these criteria, you can experience the benefits of immediate VAT refunds.

Why Choose Instant VAT Refunds?

Access Funds Fast:

Instant VAT Refunds provide you with immediate liquidity and cash flow improvements. On average, each refund amounts to £10,000 and is delivered within just 60 minutes.

Beat Red Tape:

HMRC processes are becoming slower, and there are more compliance checks, resulting in frustrating delays to payments. Our partner, however, can submit VAT refunds within an hour, ensuring your money is available when you need it most.

Zero Disruption:

The best part is that using this service won't disrupt your current workload or the tools and procedures you use to prepare and submit VAT returns, whether you use Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, or Excel. The only change is that your clients will receive their refunds instantly.

Real-World Impact

Look at this real-life case study. A construction company recently used the instant VAT refund service and shared their experience:

"Honestly, the refund bridges the gap as we have had two contractors go into liquidation owing us a lot of money, and most of our contractors are paying two weeks late. We then have two contractors that have about £80,000 outstanding for three or more months. Getting our VAT refund so quickly made all the difference to our cash flow."

If you're interested in learning more about how instant VAT refunds can transform your business, get in touch today with Purple Accounts for a chat about how we can help. You can learn more about all of our funding services here.

Call: 01925 979500


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