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Marketing and digital 'know how' for growing small businesses.

Reach, attract and retain more ideal customers sustainably and profitably 

CIM professional marketer

You're serious about growing your business and know you need effective marketing but....

​- You don't really know what works and what doesn't?

- You've spent a fortune on 'willy nilly' marketing?

- You're confused by the 'digital stuff'?

Imagine what a difference it would make if you could….

- Have a system to reach, attract and retain more ideal customers consistently

- Identify what needs ditching, fixing, prioritising and boosting

- Gain increased confidence and take control with 1-2-1 expert help

- Achieve sustainable growth to support long term profits, so you can live your best life

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Want to reach, attract and retain more ideal customers sustainably and profitably?

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Book a 30 minute chat on Zoom and find out more.


Get a marketing & digital health check to help boost your business right now. 


This one hour 1-2-1 session will help you focus, troubleshoot and prioritise.  You'll get a useful mini report with recommendations.

power plan

Find out where you're leaving money on the table and what to fix, ditch or double up on. 


You'll get a full audit with digital healthcheck, marketing MOT, Power Plan with priorities and recommendations.

MARKETING maximiser

The bees knees of marketing! 

This brilliant package has everything you need.


You get a full audit, healthcheck, marketing MOT, Power Plan PLUS monthly expert 1-2-1 coaching to keep you on track. 

Discovery chat for ambitious small businesses
Marketing and digital health check for small businesses
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Marketig coaching for small businesses
 Hello I'm Helen

Professional marketer, digital marketer, co-founder of Purple Accounts and proud to be in the top 1% of marketers globally.


Hugely passionate about small businesses, I can help you take control of your marketing to reach, attract and retain more ideal customers sustainably and profitably.


The focus is on customer experience, having learned the culture of customer care working for Japan Airlines and BA earlier in my career. This continues to be at the heart of everything I do and is vital to business growth. 

Your brand, customer experience and impact on the wider community is what sets you apart in an environment that’s more competitive than ever. 


It is how you communicate and deliver your service, skills, values and personality to customers in the right place, at the right time, using the right tools online and offline. 


Having grown and nurtured 3 separate businesses, including Purple Accounts, I'll help you take control of your marketing with confidence and without wasting your hard earned money on willy nilly marketing.

Helen Parker MCIM DipDM mMBA

Helen Parker MCIM DipDM mMBA

"Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business seen from the customer's point of view." 


Peter F Drucker


Marketing for small businesses