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Small Business Marketing

Reach, attract, convert and retain

more of your ideal customers.

Want to grow your business and gain more customers but not sure how to go about it?

  • Are you serious about your business and you want to market effectively to your target audience?

  • Do you have good intentions to keep on top of your marketing, but the day to day takes over?

  • You have a small (or zero) budget, limited or no staff and there’s only so many hours in a day?

  • You know you need marketing, but find it’s a minefield and can be confusing!

L Gower

Smarter small business marketing:

  • Branding and personal branding

  • Creative

  • Digital

  • Customer experience

Reach, attract, convert and retain more of your ideal customer. Get in touch for expert help. 

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sustainable growth

Ready to attract and retain more ideal customers?


Customers crave normal people they can understand and empathise with.

Customers want your small business to genuinely care about them and for you to become their 'go to'.

 A DIY website and poor brand that fails to charm is pointless - as is throwing good money randomly at ads.

You could be missing out on customers ready and waiting to buy into your skills, service and expertise!

An authentic, purposeful brand, customer charming website and actionable Power Plan will help you to...

Share your unique message

Show your authentic, passionate inner expert

Shine online and offline organically and sustainably to grow your business.

"Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business seen from the customer's point of view."     

Peter F Drucker



I am a professional marketer, digital marketer and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). I qualified in 2000 and became a full member in 2007.


Hugely passionate about small businesses, I can help you get to grips with your marketing to make your business shine online and offline for sustainable success.


The focus is always on customer experience, having learned the culture of customer care working for Japan Airlines early in my career. Later, managing new product development projects for a UK airline and growing 3 separate businesses - developing the brands and marketing for each, including Purple Accounts in 2007.

Your business brand and customer experience is what sets you apart from the rest in an environment that’s more competitive than ever. It is how you communicate your service, skills, story and personality to your potential ideal customers and retain your current fans.


The art and science of marketing is a specialist, expert skill - just as you are the 'go to' pro in your own field. Many business owners waste their time and money on activities that just don't cut it and often disregard the customer experience in the whole process.

So if you're serious about growing your business, I can help you to drive your business forward. 


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what CAN I help YOU with?


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1 hour consultation

Annual review of your marketing Recommendations and action plan




Monthly 1 hour session

Current marketing review

Recommendations and action plan

£150 per month



1 hour on demand consultation

Bite size targeted help



Ready to reach, attract and retain more ideal customers?

It all starts with a plan...


Without a plan you are setting yourself up to fail, which results in wasting time and money on marketing activities that may not even be right for your target customer or your business.


Many small, medium businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs dive straight into marketing activities and are then are overwhelmed with what to do for the best and how much there is to do.

I can help you to:

  • Create a crystal clear integrated plan to help achieve your marketing goals

  • Show your authentic, passionate inner expert

  • Shine online and offline sustainably

  • Reach, attract and retain more ideal customers waiting to buy from you

  • Suss out what works and what doesn't

  • Take insights from your marketing activities to tweak and improve future performance

  • Stay on track with monthly mentoring

  • Keep you accountable for your marketing so it's not forgotten about

  • Address areas you are struggling with

  • Gain skills and confidence to manage your marketing efficiently and effectively

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