"This is excellent. Never seen anything so useful before, its opened my eyes to financial modelling!"

Fail to plan...plan to fail

As Chartered Management Accountants we provide expertise in the area of business planning with a wealth of experience in commercial accountancy.

The beauty of the Purple Accounts Small Business Centre Douglas Isle of Man is that we have the experience and knowledge to help you if your business requires specialist business planning skills or if you experience rapid growth.

Our expertise in this area is highly recommended and commended by local banks and financial institutions on a regular basis!


  • Cash flow management

  • Business Plans

  • Scenario Analysis

  • Profit maximisation

  • Management accounts

  • Project accounts

  • Improve profitability

  • Identify and take control of the forces driving your business.

  • Focus your business to achieve its objectives

  • Identify potential opportunities and plan early on, to gain maximum return on investment

  • More effective control

  • Review strategies and implementation.


Every business owner needs to invest time in developing a long-term plan, starting with what you want to achieve from your investment and what your reasons for being in business are, and then developing a plan to help achieve these objectives.

We are well placed to help you develop these plans and have a considerable pool of experience and expertise to draw on. The financial aspects are usually the backbone to any business plan and by ensuring that this has been adequately dealt with in your plan, slotting the rest in should be much easier.


If you require cash borrowing for your business, whether it be short term working capital, or long term asset financing, we are with you every step of the way, working with you to thoroughly understand your business and prepare sound financial plans to support your application.


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Business Planning



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